Homework 2 Reflection

The reason why I chose the two photos was because one of them had me in it so I chose that one. And as for the corridor photo, it was very eerie and I really liked that atomosphere. For the corridor what I did crop the image down to see down the hallway, then the exposure was moved it down to -1.78. I then turned to vibrance and maxed out the density and left the feather at 0px to make it darker.
For the downtown image, I edited the levels of the image from the output being 0,255, to 50,255. I then did a photo filter with warming filter(85) which was an orange and maxed that out giving that similar feel to how movies shoot desert scenes
The corridor image is in inches and the downtown image is in pixels. The corridor is properly formatted in 5"x7" but the downtown image is in 1080x1920
As for the LinkedIn Learning videos, I did learn the differences between the type of images as well as a refresher on cropping and the many ways I can do them. The same goes for the layers with framing and image adjustments, I think I will often come back to these videos when I need a refresher.