Homework 4 Reflection

The LinkedIn Learning videos are very nice and I can often go to see where to access the tools that I want to use like especially with the all the different types of blends and when I might want to use them. That and the explanations with the Marquee tools as well, though I have a gripe with one thing. When using "not as nice images" it's hard to tell where the tools should cut out, its those little nuance things that I wish I had someone experienced beside me to help out.
As for my photo collage, the first one was a trial one where I was still messing around with the settings, I had no idea what I wanted to make so I got some random image of a grandma made her shoot a lazer. As for the social/political problem there was a lot of topics I wanted to do but didn't know how to tackle them like, obesity, racism, the BLM movement and a lot more. I didn't want to make a collage with the little skill I had and mkae light of the topic. So I settled on American propaganda and how little trust news sources have become recently with a mix of old Chinese and American propaganda posters.
I chose this topic because I am both American and Chinese, and my dad watches a lot of Chinese news that often go against what I hear on the news in America. This was especially the case during the Covid-19 outbreak where both sides were blaming each other for the situation. Besides that there are many times where we see the Chinese government just lie to the outside world and to their own people about the situation in China. This along with recent distrust against news sources and the constant trickery that we see in laws and bills being passed by the Biden administraction led me to making this photo collage.
All images were taken from Google images. For the president's face I used the selection tool and cropped it out, balanced the hues so that it matched the background poster. For the CNN and FOX logos I had did the same, though one thing I do wish to know is how to get a certain color from the image and source that so I can automatically change the hue/color from a image to it, didn't get to explore that so I just eye-balled the colors. I then got a old American propaganda poster and brushed out Uncle Sam and did a Hard Light blend so you could see both poster meshing together to signify the similarities between the two, both in the past and the present.