Homework 5 Reflection

So for my AI element that I created to add to my photo montage was a star with the colors of the United States flags. I did this to further emphasize the connections between American and Chinese propaganda. Along with that I had pasted, 13 stars in total to symoblize the first thirteen colonies, though I do wish that I could have done the placement better, though I didn't know where to put it since my image was so cluttered. I used the shape tool and made a star, I then filled it in white while using the path tool to seperate it into thirds. From there I filled in the colors to fit the theme.
As for the LinkedIn Learning videos, they were helpful to initially navigate the AI tools and settings. This was especially the case for the lines and strokes section of the video and definitely the grids and guides and I think I will be back to refresh my memory at a later time. I had also just realized that they give you the files that they use in the video to follow which is a nice addition as I can actually use the tools in an environment where I can experiment.