Homework 7 Reflection

I had another picture that I was going to use for the this week's assignment, but I quickyly realized that the photo was much too complex for my current skill level so I chose this simple block corner with two buildings and windows. I used the pen tool and traced out all the windows, sidewalks, road, buildings, etc. and seperated them into their own layers. I then chose a triad of colors that I liked and used them to color in the traces I made. I also used the gradiend tool and made two rectangles on each side of the photo, and I just chose a darker blue with the gradient from from darker to light, from left to right.
From the Linkedin Learning videos, there were many interesting things I could use in Illustrator in the appearance tab like with effects and such that you can apply to text and 3D effects and materials that you can apply to shapes. Half of the videos seemed to be about text which was cool to know about for the future but for this assignment the videos didn't do much. But I did learn the similaries that both Photoshop and Illustrator have and how you can use them. The refresh on making multiple artboards and how to package and export files was useful however.