Homework 8 Reflection

For this week we made two gifs, one for a eye and another of myself. For the eye I used the old illistrator eye we made a week back and added another red object above it to simulate eye lids, then made mulitple artboards each a different frame of the eye closing/opening and sent that to PS and made a gif and exported it.
For the gif of myself, rather than using ILS, I cropped myself from the background and made it a layer of just me, then using that same mask, I made another layer that blended with where I was with the background since I will be making a gif and I want a clean background. After that I made multiple copies of frame 1 with the layer and used puppet warp to change the frame and made it a gif.
As for the LinkedIn videos it's nice to know what I can do with all the tools. I would say this was probably the best out of all the videos, since it was actually essentials that I would use, like what I learned today about the Content-Aware fill. Along with that it also did go over how to make animations and gifs as well which is nice for later when I do forget, I can come back and watch this.