Homework 9 Reflection

For this project, I had decided to do a Google Form with questions such as which burger place would you eat at, how much money on average do you spend each time you eat there, and do you take advantage of the deals they give you? I was going to use these questions and make a narrative on possibly the correlation between people who eat at certain places might spend more, or try to save money with the in-app deals. In the end, I needed more specifc questions on orders possibly the ethnicity/age the person is so I scrapped that idea. Along with that I had also scrapped the question on how much money do you spend on average when you eat out as everyone had the same answer, around $10-$20.
For the graphs I simply followed the LinkedIn Learning video on how to make a pie graph and how the spreadsheet worked. Along with that I learned how to use the selected grouping tool to make the legend along with the pie graph itself, the same colors for each answer. As for the LinkedIn Learning, it was very useful on how to go about making each graph, and overall was good at displaying where and how to use the tools to make the graphs, with each graph seperated by a another chapter.