Heela: The Schoolgirl "My stolen future" Reading Reflection

From the four articles that was available, I had chosen Motherhood in Crisis where the author Heela, was raped and became pregnant. I chose this story out of the four because we have a similar problem happeneing in the US that has been gaining traction as well, The problem with women having abortions. I find it interesting that even in a third-world country, we have the same problems here, despite having the resources to properly solve problems. Though a thought came up while reading the article, why isn't abortion a option for Heela? Though there are risks, the article made it seem like it was all back-alley hospitals that did it and it poses a risk to her life. If so why doesn't the goverement there provide procedure, is it looked down upon or what?

Besides that, when she spoke of living with the other girls and how they got to eat more and had the support with counseling, it seemed like it was better living there than with just her grandmother, with her father not taking care of her. This reminded me of a story where a homeless person in the US got arrested on purpose so he could get heart treatment since the prison would then have to treat him for free. I still can't understand why the father would not take care of his daugther after his wife died, but besides that healthcare really should be universal, Heela could have avoided such trauma.