Workers are making a living playing Axie Infinity Reading Reflection

For this week's reading we are reading about how people are making more money playing a game rather than normal jobs in the Philippines. This article reminded me of the situation with RuneScape, at the time people were working for $5 a month in Venezuela, so those people who were farming gold in RuneScape, then selling it on third-party websites made many times more than the average person and even doctors. And because of that many bots and people were farming in the game, and there was even a spectacle of banning such farmers from the developers and seeing how much money was lost. But overall it was seen in a negative light, while here, it's the lifeblood of the game.

On the point of how the game is perceived, the article even says how a banker said it was scam, and I kind of even thought so, it takes at least $1500 to even play the own and play the game. Polsan Pangindian, from the article, also says how he has teams now to farm the game even more taking 50-60% of their earnings. When something is too good to be true it probably is, it seems like some kind of ponzi or pyramid scheme. Since the money is in NFTs. Some people are making money in the article like they said, but most people won't and only feed the select few.

I think this because of the recent controversy with FTX and how over $11 billion have been lost by investors and companies. With this being the biggest scandal in recent times, trust of crytocurrencies have dropped significantly along with the already negative light that the public has with NFTs as just a way for the rich to avoid paying taxes, I don't see this game being anything more than a money maker for the makers and the select few that are having success with it until the plug is pulled.