How ‘Trustless’ Is Bitcoin, Really? Reading Reflection

Besides the already "trustless", meaning that it will be very volatile as they state in just the first few paragraphs, it's also very damaging on the environment with the amount on electricity needed to do the computations for Bitcoin. I personally don't agree with how damaging it is to just have and use the coins, I think cryptocurrencies are going to be the future, but there still needs polish with the recent FTX scandal and how a few select people own a majority of the coins. Doesn't seem right to have 64 people owning a majority of the wealth, imagine that happens with the USD, though it kind of already exists. Besides the disparity of the wealth, hackers and miners are now using multiple computers to mine the coin, or taking and using someone's computer to mine the coins maliciously in the background.

I think the idea of a global cryptocurrency that is trustless and is dependent on black and white math rather than the governement is a neat dystopian idea, but the laws and human curiosity cause the coin to be so volatile, I don't think it will ever be surpassing USD or any type of mainstream currency at the moment. In the next few years, there might be a breakthrough, but with the current power that a few people can hold by having a majority of the coins and many other problems like harming the environment, exploiting the ignorant with FTX situation, I don't agree with it currently like with the NFT boom, but that can change in the future.