Creative Statement

Creative Statement:
Games have been a large part of my life since childhood, whether it was playing video games like Call of Duty, or even just watching YouTubers playing games. What I hope to create in this class are works that will reflect my hobbies and interests. Though because I am studying Game Programming as a Area of Concentration I hope to learn media edits and skills that will help and improve in creating games.

Updated Creative Statement:
Video games are still are very important to me, so I wish to create and code video games, and so far throughout the semester, I had been able to help and even make my own games whether I was alone or with a group. Though I did mostly coding, this class gave much insight on what needs to be done on the art side and empathize with them, even it was just a little. And with the knowledge that I have with Illistrator and Photoshop, I am able to help out or use these tools for personal projects. And the small amount of camera work we did in class did teach me a lot, as I would never would have gone out of my way to learn about the camera settings and how they work in tandem. I sort of understand what the settings are on the iPhone camera/cameras in general. And lastly for the website, though there are many websites that no longer require coding to make a website, the experience is never bad and I can say that I've learned a new language. I am sure that this class has made me a better overall coder, despite not having coded much this semester.